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All parts and machines listed on this site are used and sold-as-is unless stated otherwise. When possible a photo of the original machine or playfield the parts where removed from will be posted, cleaning, adjusting or rebuilding may be required on certain parts or they may work fine right out of the box. I give NO Guarantee or warranty what so ever on anything. If you need further information or photos send me an email.



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 Incandescent      w/LEDs      



Bally - 1978

Games is in good working condition, Backglass is a 9+, has new Ultimate MPU, Rectifier board was rebuilt all new parts connectors and pins. All connector pins have been replaced, all displays work good, New rubber. Sound works great. Some wear near the bottom of the playfield around the logo. Playfield has some custom lighting under-lit with LEDs, cabinet is good could use a re-stencil.
$ 2,200

Will trade for a NASCAR, High Speed or The Getaway.

Gun Smoke
Chicago Coin - 1968
Light Animated Backglass

2016 ground up restoration
Game was completely dismantled, all parts where either cleaned, rebuilt or replaced, all coils where relabeled, all new labeling throughout, new backglass, new apron game cards and insert, cabinet painstakingly re-stenciled by hand.

$ 2300.00

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Dancing Lady
Gottlieb - 1966

Works 100%
Game was covered with wall paper when I received it which has been removed, did not have the coin entry and being sold as-is.

Game was dismantled, cleaned and reassembled, all mechanics were cleaned tested and working.

$ 1700.00

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Triple Action
Williams - 1974

After many hours cleaning, adjusting and refurbishing many of the mechanics this game plays great.
Backglass is a 9+
$ 1850.00

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Eight Ball Deluxe
Bally Midway - 1984

This is the same game that was at the 2011 & 2012 APE in South Florida.

Game looks and plays great but has an issue with the sound, it keeps going in and out, most the time lately it's been out, had a friend try a rebuilt S&T board a couple months ago but didn't seem to be the problem. May be a connector... trim-pot ??? just don't know, comes with manual.

Game Manual and Schematics available here.

$ 1,800

Will trade for a NASCAR, High Speed or The Getaway.


More Photos

Oh Boy
Williams - 1964

Game looks and works great, This game has one of my favorite Back-Glasses. I've had it in my collection for quite some time and now it's time to let it go. Cabinet was repainted white by prior owner.
$ 950.00


Will trade for a NASCAR, High Speed or The Getaway.

Gottlieb - 1972

Just in
Game starts and plays well but the score reels don't reset to zero, the bulbs in the light box may be burnt out but with the original shipping blocks still in place I'm not sure, haven't attempted to remove the blocks.

This machine has the original factory shipping blocks still in place for the Backglass, how cool is that.

$ 500

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Will do package deal with
"Wild Life"


High Hand
Gottlieb - 1973

Just in
After some cleaning and many hours of adjusting and refurbishing many of the mechanics this game plays great, a couple of the drop targets tend to stick a little. Backglass is near mint.



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Wild Life
Gottlieb - 1972

This game was been completely gone through and cleaned a few years ago, most mechanical parts where refurbished, all new rubber and bulbs. Back-box wood has some wood damage.
Plays great


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Will do package deal with

Pinball Machines Being Parted Out

Hollywood Heat
Premier - 1986 


Parts already Sold.....

Plastics and ramp
Coin door
Playfield (stripped - most parts still available)



Original photos


Star Trip
Game Plan - 1979

Tabletop / Console.
Parting out, no cabinet




More info

Twin Win
Bally - 1971

This game was completely gone through, dismantled and cleaned, most mechanical parts where refurbished, game was working very well just had a bad cabinet which was recently discarded.
Unique Feature: Ball ejects from center.

Parting out complete game:
Playfield was stripped of parts and sold.




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Cocktail style game, powers up but not working.


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