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All parts and machines listed on this site are used and sold-as-is unless stated otherwise. When possible a photo of the original machine or playfield the parts where removed from will be posted, cleaning, adjusting or rebuilding may be required on certain parts or they may work fine right out of the box. I give NO Guarantee or warranty what so ever on anything. If you need further information or photos send me an email.



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About... REM Pinball

I created REM Pinball to showcase my collection of coin operated Arcade and Vending machines, mostly Pinball, and to sell off an assortment of parts I accumulated over the years.

In February 2010 I acquired over forty different partially populated Playfields dating from the 50s thru the 90s, while conditions varied several of the playfields where in beautiful condition. Without any room to store them I stripped them of their parts. On this site you will find those parts as well as the collection of parts I already had. They are listed by game and manufacture, many common parts such as coils, relays, switch contacts, sling shots, posts, pop-bumper parts etc. may not be listed by game, they can be found under PARTS, you may need to show me a photo or image of the exact part your looking for. Check back often for the latest updates.

Update: March 2015, all playfields mention above have been sold.

How to Buy Parts!

Let me know what your interested in, I accept money orders and PayPal. Prices posted for the most part are set but will negotiate if your looking to buy a few things. Contact me for payment arrangements.





Below is a partial list of available games I have parts for, others are listed by manufacture.
Most parts have been listed but many common parts may not have, such as coils, roll-overs, actuators, etc. If you don't see the common part check under
PARTS or send me an email with a photo and description of what your looking for or the part number if it's a coil, plastic, etc.
Shows the playfield the way I received it prior to being stripped )

How to buy a part: Send me an email telling me what your interested in, right now I only accept money orders and PayPal on certain parts if the part has a Buy-It-Now button, I no longer accept personal checks.

Prices posted for the most part are set but will negotiate if your looking to buy a few things.

Arcade ~ Pinball ~ Vending

The camera icon may not be lining up properly with it's relative game, I'm working on fixing that.

Game Date Mfg.
Abra Ca Dabra  1975 Gottlieb
Alive 1978 Brunswick
Baby Pacman   
1982 Bally
Barracora   1981 Williams
Black Hole   
1981 Gottlieb
Black Knight   
1980 Williams
Blackwater 100   
1988 Bally
Captain Hook   
1985 Game Plan
Cheetah 1980 Stern
City Slicker   
1987 Bally
Close Encounters   
1978 Gottlieb
1985 Williams
Count Down   
1979 Gottlieb
Dolly Parton 1978 Bally
1968 Gottlieb
1978 Gottlieb
Evel Knievel   
1977 Bally
Fashion Show   
1962 Gottlieb
Fan-Tas-Tic   1972 Williams
Firepower   1980 Williams
1979 Williams
1979 Williams
Grand Prix   
1976 Williams
Haunted House   
1982 Gottlieb
Hi-Lo Ace 1973 Bally
High Speed   
1986 Williams
Hollywood Heat 1986 Premier
Jungle 1977 Gottlieb
Jungle Life 1977 Gottlieb
Jungle King 1977 Gottlieb
Jungle Princess 1977 Gottlieb
Kicker  1975 Gottlieb
King Pin 1973 Gottlieb
Liberty Bell 1977 Williams
Magic 1980 Stern
Mars God Of War 1981 Gottlieb
Mini Cycle  
1970 Gottlieb
Nitro Ground Shaker 
1978 Bally
Old Chicago 1976 Bally
Old Coney Island 1979 Game Plan
1986 Williams
1978 Bally
Playmates   1968 Gottlieb
Police Force   
1989 Williams
Power Play   1978 Bally
1986 Premier
Road Kings   
1986 Williams
1990 Data East
Space Station   
1987 Williams
Space Walk   1979 Gottlieb
Spirit of 76   
1975 Gottlieb
Star Trek   1978 Bally
Star Trip  
1979 Game Plan
Stellar Wars   
1979 Williams
Surf Champ   
1976 Gottlieb
1976 Gottlieb
1988 Williams
Teenage Mutant  1991 Data East
Ninja Turtles  
Twin Win   
1974 Bally
Wild Life 1972,73 Gottlieb
1974 Bally
1979 Bally
Game Date Mfg.
Jungle Rock ?? Parting Out
Lucky Lotto ?? SOLD
Pachinko Machine (3) ??  
Deluxe Shooting Gallery 1961 Midway
Game Date Mfg.
Rowe BC-1200 ?? Rowe
Bill Changer
Rowe BC-3500 ?? SOLD
Bill Changer (2)
U-Turn Candy Machine ?? SOLD
Tab Master ?? Parting Out

























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