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Cabinet - Outer Parts

  • Cabinets
  • Coin Doors
  • Lock Down Bars

Cabinet - Inner Parts

  • Bonus Unit
  • Bulb Sockets
  • Coils
  • Jones Plugs
  • Relay Stack Units
  • Stepper Units
  • Wire Harness

Head Parts

  • Backglass
  • Score Reels
  • Wire Harness

Playfield Parts

  • Aprons
  • Bulbs
  • Cover Glass
  • Drop Targets
  • Rubber
  • Plastics
  • Pop Bumpers
  • Score Cards
  • Shooters
  • Spinners
  • Switch Parts
  • Targets

Pinball Machine Parts



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Hollywood Heat
Parting out complete game

Hollywood Heat
Premier - 1986

Playfield Sold - All parts where removed prior to sale.
Circuit boards not for sale.

Contact me for parts your looking for...... Apron, Power Supply, Wiring Harness (complete), Pop-Bumpers, Sling Shot units, and many more smaller parts.

The following parts have been SOLD:
Playfield, Drop Target units, Translite, Cover Plastics, Ramp, Cabinet, Apron and shooter gauge, upper & lower flipper units, plumb-bob, cash box, post, aux lamp driver, pop bumper unit, Speaker Marque

Original photos


Parting out Playfield, common parts may not be listed,
check under Parts or ask.

view Apron
Lane Guides

No cracks.
Pop-Bumper Plastic

No cracks


One missile launcher, or whatever it's called, broken off.
No cracks.
Stickers where peeling and removed.
$20 obo
Propeller Motor

Tested and working
Metal Pieces - 2

$20 obo
Ball Trough

With working coil

no photo

PF Wiring Harness

















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